First blog post

A recent addition to the anti-Israel chorus is the “Black Lives Matters (BLM)” movement coalition named the Movement for Black Lives. They have weighed in with their manifesto, published in 2016 and currently available on their website Their “Invest-Divest” section mentions Israel 11 times. It states that “The US… with Israel and is complicit in the genocide taking place against the Palestinian people.” The section also states that “Israel is an apartheid state….”  The end goal appears to be ending military aid sent to Israel and other unnamed states which has any human rights violations, which are most state on Earth including the US. Additionally, they want to end individual US states ability to write anti-BDS (the antisemitic movement that seeks to boycott, divest, and sanction Israel until it no longer exists as a Jewish state) legislation, and to join in solidarity with South Africa and Columbia (both major human rights violators)  and liberation movements around the world in solidarity.

Why Israel is the only state mentioned with a call for discriminatory practices against it is not puzzling. The American Palestinian solidarity umbrella group has been in the forefront attempting to link the current African American – Police Violence controversy with the Palestinian cause. As it appears they have succeeded, this is the most immediate reason for writing this book; to dispel any thought that Israel has ever committed genocide.


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